MYLÉ Meta Device
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The Meta Pod System is a new generation of device that delivers fantastic new technology that will allow for a superior vape experience. The device features a new feature in the anti-leak protection.

Inserting the pod into the Meta device will activate 2 metal prongs hidden in the interior that will release and push up a seal within the pod that once sealed will then trigger the device to saturate the coil with liquid. Wait time to the first inhale is 30sec to 1 min.

This device will deliver consistency in flavor due to an even flavor distribution, will not gunk up your coil and will deliver an easy smooth pull with no burning. Simply put, the new mesh coil technology enhances the already great flavors and the larger tank size will satisfy those looking for a longer lasting device.

The new generation pods feature a sleek design,

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Tipo de vape: Rellenable
Marca: MYLÉ
Vapeadas: S/D
% de Nicotina: S/D
Batería recargable: Si
Capacidad de batería: 380 mAh
Nicotina: S/D
Flujo de aire ajustable: No
Capacidad de líquido: S/D
Pantalla LCD: Si